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Quartet performing the original "Not Quite" at The Nash in Phoenix Arizona

Tucson Trio performing the original "Archaic" at Mr. Heads Art Gallary and Bar in Tucson Arizona -------->


"THE DESERT" is Collin's next upcoming album. Featuring Mike Moynihan(ts), Max Goldschmid(tp), Dylan DeRobertis(b), and Tim Rachbach(d), the eight original compositions were recorded over two days in a Tucson living room with a great Steinway M. Three of Collin's songs are on the album, as well as two from saxophonist Mike Moynihan and one from drummer Tim Rachbach. 

Tucson Quintet is scheduled for release under Swiss Jazz Label "UNIT JAZZ" in February 2016. The album is available for streamingI currently on Bandcamp.